Films for the Forest

Our March 15th event as part of the SXSW Community Screenings is currently postponed.

Films for the Forest (F3) is an annual international short film challenge created by Rainforest Partnership in 2010. Since 2012, winning F3 films have screened as part of SXSW Community Screening every March in Austin, Texas.


Our goal is to create awareness about the importance of tropical rainforests and the ongoing threats faced by forests and their communities, through the powerful medium of film.

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Update: Our 11th annual Films for the Forest screening is postponed until further notice. Read our announcement for more information.

Speak for the Forest

For our 11th anniversary of Films for the Forest, we wanted to give our forests a voice and chose the theme “Speak for the Forests.”

Judges will be judging the film based on:

  • Storytelling – Does it have a clear and compelling narrative
  • Technical expectations – Use of image, sound, editing quality.
  • Creative expectations – Use of imagery, sound, editing, acting.
  • Theme relevance – Does it relate, interpret, or address the theme clearly?

F3 involves filmmakers in this effort, encouraging them to explore their interpretation of this year’s theme with the intent to illuminate the vital role of Earth’s rainforests and forests in general.

2020 Judges

Meet this year’s judges:

Richard Linklater
Richard Linklater

Detour Filmproduction, Austin Film Society

Francesca Prada
Francesca Prada

Film Producer

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Oona Chaplin
Oona Chaplin


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